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2 Minutes of Sales Seduction

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white-lady-purple-dreass-creative2When was the last time you were willingly seduced? How did it make you feel; what happened? I’ll bet you had a strong desire to continue, and you did everything you could to make sure it did continue. What if you could do the same thing with your prospects? Seducing them, pushing buttons, causing desire to bubble, and actively involving them in your sales process. It would mean more delicious sales!

2 Minutes of Sales Seduction

First consider the dynamics of seducing someone.

  1. It takes at least 2 to play the game (it’s no fun alone)
  2. You must know exactly what the other person wants and likes
  3. You must orchestrate or guide the process (hey it’s your game)

1. It Takes At Least 2 to Play the Game

First know that you need a willing party to enter into the 2 Minute Sales Seduction. Remember the rule, “No means No”. This does not mean you need verbal consent, but at the very least the other party must be open to conversation. Time, place, or circumstance is not important as long as you have a willing partner. Whether at a business mixer, the ballpark, your kid’s recital you can engage in sales seduction. Simple signs that you have willingness to play include:

  • Smiling, talking, asking you questions, making eye contact, etc. (subtle flirting). The key is you feel comfortable and the other party is reciprocating your advances.

2. You Must Know Exactly What the Other Person Wants & Likes

This is where the seduction is won or lost. You have to know what the other person wants. In business we can always make certain guesses about wants and likes of our prospects. In B2B you can assume your prospects wants to make more money, save money, and do things faster. If your prospects are consumers, you can assume they want entertainment, comfort, staples of living, etc.

These are all good guesses, but not specific enough to be a part of the 2 Minute Sales Seduction. We want to hit the nail on the head and know for sure what our prospects want. So, how do we do this? We Ask! Questions are the toolkit of the seducer; they draw out information that can be used to paint a perfect picture for consumption. Asking always beats the traditional sales dialog based on guessing what a prospects wants and values.

Consider the following traditional introduction.

Sara: What do you do?

Jim: I run a Janitorial service. We help businesses like yours by becoming contractors, eliminating the need for in house staff.


In the above example our sales seducer (Jim) made the assumption that Sara cares about the problems of having an in house janitorial staff. For all he knows, Sara could care less about Janitorial services. Jim needs to find out how janitorial services effects Sara’s work. He should engage her in questions that pull out her values, wants, and needs.

Let’s try it again using the 2 Minute Sales Seduction:

Sara: What do you do?

Jim: I have a very simple service that caters to businesses. For instance Sara I see you are in the Accounting business. Let me ask how many offices does your company have? :

Sara: We have 3 offices. 1 main and two branch offices.

Jim: Three offices spread across the city poses certain issues. One might be janitorial services. Do you have a staff or service you currently use for janitorial?

Sara: No, I think services are offered under our lease agreement. I do not know much about it.

Jim: Really, between me and you has it been up to par? I mean, have you seen any issues?

Sara: No, not really. From time to time at our main office we have temps or interns clean the office when in a crunch. I used to be one of those poor interns. Once we might have lost a major account because our office, conference, and bathroom areas were not super clean.

Jim: Yeah, no one likes to clean, except us that is. You know Sara, we offer last minute janitorial and prep services to help with those kind of issues. We scrub, vacuum, freshen air, go over bathrooms, align and setup spaces with little to no advanced booking. We take the headache out of impressing big clients in a moment’s notice. Its cost effective, you could help those temps out, and not worry about losing any other accounts. Who would I speak to about this?


Sara at this point has been 2 Minute Sales Seduced. We have engaged Sara and drawn out the crux of her issue as it relates to our business offering. We simply did not guess. We structured the conversation in a way that led to real world issues that we could solve. The key is that we led, which takes us to our last major point of the sales seduction.

3. You Must Guide & Orchestrate the Process

In the above example we orchestrated and guided the process. We had purpose and engaged our prospect showing we wanted to serve his/her need, not our own. If you do not guide this process you may lose the prospect, or end up being seduced yourself.

A seducer has purpose and is looking to please by giving the other party what he/she wants most. Find it by guiding the process. It becomes harder to pull off the seduction if you are not in control. Start the conversation first. Find out what the other person does. Find out what their hobbies are. How long they been in business. What kind of widgets they like. For the sales seducer information is power. The more you can draw on facts that relate, the closer you get to a deeper connection. Ultimately that connection is what leads to a sale.

Many of us are disillusioned into believing our products and services are that much better than the competition, when in fact they are relatively the same. At the end of the day the fine line that can separate your business will be how well you seduce your prospects. Get them active and desiring more, by working the 2 Minute Sales Seduction.

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