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Twirling Attention & Cross Promotion

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[youtube ArKAJKndGiw]Recently I was in the Oakland, California, driving back to my hotel, when I saw something twirling out the corner of my eye. It was two young men twirling some signs on the street corner. They were putting on a great performance, showing off, getting all the passerby’s to slow down just enough to read the signs. The mini traffic jam these sign twirlers created was proof some advertisers were getting their monies worth.

As effective as this promotion was, I thought why stop there. Twirling signs have popped up all over the country. I have seen sign twirlers in Hawaii, Philadelphia, California and countless other places. This means the marketing ploy has reached national proportions. This presents the clever marketer an opportunity.

For instance the sign maker in a certain locale can call 50 of its past clients and say they are arranging a sign twirling contest at the next upcoming festival, parade, or community event. Complete with first place cash prize, and donations to charity. The sign maker gets great advertisement and PR about the quality and effectiveness of their signs. The clients of the sign maker will have their best signs and ads twirling for an audience. If it works in one locale, create a national contest. Become the sign twirling hub; create a website featuring videos of sign twirlers. The event then becomes viral and brings the sign business and those of the twirlers tons of attention.

This is what cross promotions is all about, building win:win situations for all parties involved. What would it mean to your business to create a cross promotional event or campaign like the one above? It could be huge. What are you waiting for, start planning your next cross promotion yesterday!

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  • sign walker said:

    Sign twirlers have become more popular in the last few years as a major advertising tool for certain organizations. If you get the right kind of people doing the twirling then you can create quite a stir out on the street. It definitely captures people’s attention that are driving by or passing by.

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