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Optimized for 55 Miles Per Hour

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55mphMany cars are optimized to run at 55 mph. At that speed they burn fuel more efficiently, thusly saving money on gas. Despite that, I still race down the highway at 70 mph, burning a lot more gas and not to mention racking up speeding tickets. In the end the cost of speeding in comparison to the measly 20 seconds saved from my commute, does not add up. The same can be said of marketing efforts. We can speed through them and burn cash quick or we can find the optimized zone. This is the place where marketing cost and benefit match right up.

Finding the optimized zone is a matter of trial and error, experience, and common sense. The first two are costly to get, but should balance out in the long run. Common sense on the other hand is free (to most of us) and sure to cut down on the cost of the first two ways to find the optimized marketing zone.

Here is a brief list of some common sense approaches to finding the optimized marketing zone

  1. Know your industry: your industry is sure to have some set ways of marketing. They work, that is why everyone does them. If you are departing heavily from the norm, you better have a good reason. Creativity is not a license to do what you want. Use creativity to spruce up  a tried and true way that works.
  2. Know your sales cycle: some industries are seasonal; some depend on cycles (what’s in and what’s out). By knowing this you can estimate when you should be throwing all your marketing weight at landing clients. A seasonal or cyclical business will go 100 mph one time a year, because they only have one window of opportunity. A client of ours does 87% of their business from November 27 – January 3rd.
  3. Know your clients: this is probably the biggest common sense thing about marketing. Know your clients. A young audience does not read the newspapers. An older audience does not like flashy websites. By knowing your audience you can dismiss all of the fluff that burns your gas.

The optimized zone for marketing saves money and is just a whole lot smarter.

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